Legal Solutions

Institutional grade custody solution available for token offerings to open doors for institutional capital despite geographic limitations


Our Partners developed tax-efficient corporate structures to accommodate token offerings worldwide.  On a case-by-case basis, our recommended  solution is a multi-jurisdictional setup involving an LLC (which takes care of shareholding requirements) in one or more countries, positioned under a Company Limited by Guarantee, or a for-profit Membership Company (MC) in Hong Kong, where the token offering corporate structure can be determined in its basic form. This accommodates the multi-jurisdictional aspect of virtually all token offerings.


Hong Kong (HK) has been known historically for its business-friendly laws, and today is the 3rd largest financial center in the world.  We help token offerings  make the most of this pro-business environment and its inherent advantages. Our law firm partner act as HK Trustee for your company and handle each token offering  as a unique entity, and can provide the necessary corporate structure as required, often working with what is already in place, such as existing entities with LLC’s in various countries, as is often the case with ICOs.

Custody / Operating Account

A fiat Custody Account with us provides the token offering with an Operating Account with a major bank, in a major financial center (HK). Banking for MC membership revenues and expenses and international fiat transfers can now be a reality for ICO companies.


Our partners are regulated & licensed Trustee & Custodian, and handle all required AML KYC on members and contributed funds.


We work closely with law firms and tax advisors in all jurisdictions as required, and help token offerings set up strong corporate structures that can manage tax liability going forward.

Custody operating account

Membership companies will receive an amount of tokens proportional to their investment.  Custody of tokens in a Trust company solves issues associated with safety, fraud, AML and tax. Custody could be legal only and could act in accordance with MC bylaws, such to those meant to help prevent theft of funds.